No Bull, This Art Sparks Joy!

What does The Houston Rodeo and Marie Kondo’s Netflix show have in common? Nothing, but that’s not how my mind works. I can lasso a tangent faster than you can process my last sentence. Even though I read her book a couple of years ago, I’m still dealing with clutter and still wonder what brings me the most joy. I didn’t find the expression “spark joy” helpful when dealing with things like pots and pans, or cleaning supplies and many other things that I need and use. It doesn’t help when curating art work, either, because I just want more!

After watching “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” on Netflix the other day, I  turned on the news. They were covering the music line up for the upcoming Houston Rodeo. In addition to an excellent collection of country and western entertainment (if that’s your thing) there were also acts like Cardi-B, Zedd, Camilla Cabello and Santana. Music was sparking joy. It also makes me happy that I live in an area so diverse and inclusive that Cardi-B is performing at the rodeo.

In honor of this year’s rodeo, I’m presenting some paintings from Texas artists that spark joy in me. Full disclosure; I did not know until I drafted this piece, that males and females of some cattle breeds have horns. So, some of these longhorns are, in fact, not bulls. Read on….

Below is a large acrylic by California native and Conroe, TX resident London Wilde. London paints impressively large pieces of wildlife. Wildlife sparks joy! This award-winning piece also makes me happy because I remember the look of pride on her husband’s face when he saw the blue ribbon it had won before she did.  This piece is temporarily on display at Woodforest National Bank in Conroe, TX. Yes, Bull!

Bull-in-the-Reeds_1100px (2) London version of Bull

“Bull in the Reeds” by London Wilde

The following horned bovine, however, is a cow. Part of the Red Cow series by Vernita Bridges Hoyt of Spring, TX, “Under a Mother’s Watchful Eye”  was the Artists of Texas Juror’s Merit Award winner in 2016. I had the opportunity to watch over this piece as a gallery docent in 2018 at Spring Cottage Gallery.  Color sparks joy! For more information on architect, artist and teacher Vernita visit V Bridges Hoyt Design.

img_3657 (2) vernita's bull

“Under a Mother’s Watchful Eye” by Vernita Bridges Hoyt

Hold your horses, there’s more! One of my favorite artists is impressionist Judy Mackey of the Woodlands, TX. I first wrote about Judy in my piece Artisitic Pension – New Traditions and am a collector of her work. Here are two pieces that I don’t own. Capturing a spirit sparks joy! I first spotted these pieces in a local gallery. “Cowgirl Angel” has sold, but “White Horse” is still available, along with other wonderful oil and palette knife work at Judy Mackey Fine Art.

IMG_3658 (2) Judy's small horse.jpg

“White Horse” by Judy Mackey

52512 Cowboys and Angels 10x8 board (1).jpg

“Cowgirl Angel” by Judy Mackey

Last, but not least, I love this longhorn taken by photographer Mark Winslet near Brenham, TX during blue bonnet season. This Canadian transplant’s first summer job was as a ticket taker at the Calgary Stampede. Perhaps that is what inspired this photograph of a longhorn (bull or cow, we don’t know). Flowers and nature spark joy!


Photo by Mark Winslet

What type of art makes you happy? I’d love to know. Thanks for visiting!

10 thoughts on “No Bull, This Art Sparks Joy!

  1. Art that makes me happy is mostly flower and landscape photography with vivid colors. Black and white photography has always been my favorite. I’m drawn to oil paintings as well. I love to get up close and look at the shapes and forms the tools created in the oils. I find it irresistible to touch the valleys and peaks.


    • Thanks for stopping by Kim. It’s worth a look, though I must admit the first episode was exhausting! I like all kinds of art too. And, I like your blog name so will check you out!


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