No Bull, This Art Sparks Joy!

What does The Houston Rodeo and Marie Kondo’s Netflix show have in common? Nothing, but that’s not how my mind works. I can lasso a tangent faster than you can process my last sentence. Even though I read her book a couple of years ago, I’m still dealing with clutter and still wonder what brings me the most joy. I didn’t find the expression “spark joy” helpful when dealing with things like pots and pans, or cleaning supplies and many other things that I need and use. It doesn’t help when curating art work, either, because I just want more!

After watching “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” on Netflix the other day, I  turned on the news. They were covering the music line up for the upcoming Houston Rodeo. In addition to an excellent collection of country and western entertainment (if that’s your thing) there were also acts like Cardi-B, Zedd, Camilla Cabello and Santana. Music was sparking joy. It also makes me happy that I live in an area so diverse and inclusive that Cardi-B is performing at the rodeo.

In honor of this year’s rodeo, I’m presenting some paintings from Texas artists that spark joy in me. Full disclosure; I did not know until I drafted this piece, that males and females of some cattle breeds have horns. So, some of these longhorns are, in fact, not bulls. Read on…. Continue reading