Variations of Violet

In response to Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge Views in Violet, I’m scrolling through my photo log recalling experiences where our photography brought variations of the color violet.

The following photos are from Orkas Island, Washington….an absolute dream land. We love the Pacific Northwest and are missing it so much. Here are lavender plants near a harbor restaurant and my favorite pottery place, Orkas Island Pottery (now reopened!)

Closer to home, the 6 mile marker in my last half marathon before the pandemic hit.

My niece’s upholstered stool/storage box temporarily serving as a comfy vantage point for my cats.

Our engagement photo taken in front of the Biscuit Paint Wall in the Montrose District of Houston, Texas.

A couple of weeks ago, driving through Texas Hill Country and finally stopping in Brenham for a few photos of blue bonnets (sort of purple, at least hubby is wearing a violet plaid shirt.)

Do you have any violet in your garden? Enjoy the spring!

What’s On Your Plate: Simply Eggs

Why should I stop writing about eggs? Especially now that Deb at The Widow Badass and Donna at Retirement Reflections have started the “What’s On Your Plate” writing prompt challenge.

I have a love-hate relationship with eggs that started after the end of my first marriage. Broke and single, eggs were a cheap, easy and versatile source of protein. Sixteen years of flying solo and newly into retirement, my first blog was about trying to poach eggs in a Berndes pan. It was a 72 hour disaster that ended in the disposal of an otherwise incredibly good cooking pan. I whined to a good friend who told me to write about it. Suddenly, I was a blogger who wrote about eggs (and then other things.)

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