Dry Humping – A Book Review

I’ve been trying to generate some energy for writing, so I’ve been reading more and writing a few reviews. Here’s one I thought I’d share, not just for the unapologetic double entendre of it’s title, but its cover art and overall positivity:

DRY HUMPING A Guide to Dating, Relating, and Hooking Up Without the Booze

“If you don’t think this title applies to you, read it anyway. Judge it by its cover; bright, humorous, and contemporary. You won’t be disappointed.

Strict parents, a career where drug and alcohol testing were routine, and a decade of graduate school limited my partying to one or two wine coolers on the weekend (Boomer here!) I never tasted a decent bottle of wine until my 40’s. Then came the failure of a marriage and long term elder care, managing stress and disappointment with alcohol.

I am not sober, but sober curious and mindful of booze’s slippery slope during challenging times. I was given an advance copy of “Dry Humping” and quickly realized it did apply to me. It was like taking a long, relaxing walk with a friend. Tawny Lara writes from experience and thorough research, offering options for finding and sustaining relationships (with yourself and others) without alcohol.

This is not a “shame on you for drinking book.” It is a “yeah, I get it book” with wonderful interviews, stories, humor and tips for relationships at any age.

Alcohol has a significant impact on our culture. Tawny’s book is helpfully structured, can be read in one sitting or as needed for contemplation and practice, and is full of reminders there are alternatives to leaning on alcohol. Sobriety is becoming the “cool norm” thanks to writers like Tawny Lara and this is great guidebook.”

Available for preorder here.