Happy COVID/Texas Winter Fail/Hunkered Down First Anniversary to Us

If we can survive this, we can survive anything. Here is the proof.

Speaking of proofs, here is the artist’s concept for the custom t-shirts I had made for our anniversary beach trip to Galveston. It was cancelled by the vacation rental owner due to freezing weather, lack of electricity and probably frozen pipes. The t-shirts turned out very nicely. I just wish I’d known the Texas winter was going to be such a failure….I would have added some icicles to the design. We are planning on setting up the tripod to take pictures if we ever get out of the 20’s F today.

So, what have we been doing?

Getting creative with cooking – seeing what we can come up with from canned and frozen food that’s warm and tasty. Sorry no pictures because I haven’t figured that out yet. I have half of a bell pepper, a mushy-ish zucchini and half a pound of frozen pork sausage. Any suggestions? Regardless, since it’s our anniversary, dinner will be special. There’s always that nice bottle of wine we bought.

Playing the “The { } And” game by The Skin Deep (it’s not what you think….)

Chores, chores are what excite us most. We are getting a lot of them done this week….chores that have been on the COVID to do list all year. Chores such as, rewiring lamps so that they can run on USA electricity (once it becomes stable), straightening up the pantry, and wiring/hanging paintings. You know I have to throw some artwork into each blog. This piece by artist friend Judy Mackey had been leaning against the mantel since August. Now we have it masterfully hung to cover the television bracket we haven’t removed (making the decision to remove it is way down on the list!) We might have hung it a little higher but this is working for us now.

Horse by pallet knife painter Judy Mackey

Going through old photos and scrap books. Check out this find from a newspaper in Argentina when rolling outage schedules were actually published in advance…in the 80’s!! Perhaps our grid manager should do some benchmarking.

Finally, we are still planning our honey moon. We know we will get to take one eventually.

What have you been planning for over the last year? Do you have any good recipes that don’t require fresh food? Have a safe and warm weekend!

10 thoughts on “Happy COVID/Texas Winter Fail/Hunkered Down First Anniversary to Us

  1. Thanks for the mention! And I am honored to have my painting over your mantle. You two have so many beautiful pieces to showcase and yet you chose mine! Thank you.

    I’m making something with pork tonight too. Probably fried rice… Do you have any canned beans? Pork sausage in beans. And bread if you have any 🙂


  2. Happy anniversary! I’m sorry that you weren’t able to celebrate they way you wanted to but at least this one will be memorable 🙂 Your t-shirt design is so cute! Just think, about this time last year, you were in San Diego… Covid was a very, very distant worry and you were confident you’d arrive back home to the electricity and heat you were used to. What a difference a year makes!


  3. Sounds like you had the makings of a great pasta dish with those items in your pantry. Hopefully your weather and the electricity will improve. Not much at this point we can all do about Covid but take care to protect ourselves while being kind to those around us.

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