Rosy Red Travel Memories

Some times we just need a little inspiration from an unexpected source. Thanks to Terri at Second Wind Leisure for the much needed writing prompt. Pandemic + Texas Winter Storm = Pioneer Life…..and serious cabin fever. Now that the power is back, I decided to write a little more about travel, using Terri’s “Rosy Red” theme to help me select a few photographs that I’ve not used in previous blog pieces. Here are a few of my favorites.

While my husband and I were still dating, he spent two years on a project in France. I was still working full time and very involved with aging parents, but I did get to take two glorious trips over there:

Doors of Cathedral Saint Pierre de Montpellier, France
Roses in a vineyard on a hike in the Rhone Valley

After my husband retired to the US, we visited Ottawa to see the Mosaiculture Gatineau and do other sight seeing. One day we went for a hike in the woods as a break from the city:

Later that same year, we spent a week on the Puget Sound in Kingston, WA to enjoy family and go sight seeing in Seattle:

The view from our Airbnb deck.
Chihuly Museum in downtown Seattle

Our last big trip was to Indonesia which I blogged about recently. We visited so many places I only scratched the surface. Here are a couple more:

Hand painted stingray sculpture in the village at Arborek Island
Street festival in Jakarta

I’m looking forward to the end of winter months, getting vaccinated, and most of all – celebrating our one year anniversary tomorrow. What are you looking forward to?

19 thoughts on “Rosy Red Travel Memories

  1. What wonderful trips! I went to that Chihuly museum too. Everyone talked about the flying fish at the Pike Place market, but for me it was the Chihuly hands down. Glad to know you’re safe and sound, Tracey. Stay warm! – Marty


  2. Very nice selection of shots! I especially like the red church doors. It seem like it’s unusual (at least for me) to find beautiful church doors that don’t have some ugly sign posted on them. Those gorgeous red doors are unmarred… just as they should be. I hope you continue to stay safe and warm. I guess you could always take off for Cancun if need be 🙂


  3. Hi Tracey, I’m pleased to meet you today! I’m so glad you could join the ever-growing crowd here at Sunday Stills. Your rosy images are quite lovely and I quite like that church door too! You must live in Texas? I hear every day from my cousins about the winter blast. Hope all is well and you are safe!


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  5. Good to meet another keen traveller and fellow Sunday Stills contributor. I must read up more about your trip to Indonesia but meanwhile I’m admiring your church doors and the maple leaf in particular 🙂 Plus that view of Puget Sound is fantastic! We loved our visit to WA a few years back and this reminds me why 🙂

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      • I’m playing catch-up too! I’ve been writing about my travels for years but until 2017 I was writing reviews on Virtual Tourist where I was a very active member. Trip Advisor bought out the website and closed it and since then I’ve been looking for a ‘new home’ 🙂 I started blogging on WP last summer, as a lockdown project, and I’m having fun adapting my old review material and recent travel journals into blog posts 😀

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        • What a shame to buy a site, then close it down. But I get the business strategy. So did you have to republish everything, or were you able to migrate some of your original blogs over to WP?

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      • I was able to migrate to a blogging site called TravellersPoint but only as a private archive. In any case I had nearly everything in Word documents as I was in the habit of composing offline before posting (in the early days the VT site tended to crash rather frequently!) That gives me a basis to work from but the tone and format are all wrong for blogging as they were intended as practical reviews. I then tried blogging for a while on TravellersPoint, in a travel journal style, but decided to try WP for a rather different approach, picking out various travel highlights and favourite photos to showcase 🙂

        And yes, I’m sure it was a business decision by TA – they saw VT as a rival, bought it promising to keep the site going, and after a couple of years decided it was easier to close it. There’s a lot of bitterness among all the VT community as they didn’t give us a lot of notice to save years of material (the site started in 1999) and didn’t treat the staff, whom we valued as friends, at all well. It was real community and still is to some extent – we stay in touch mainly via Facebook and still organise meetings large and small all over the world, although obviously not for a year now 😦


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