Trying On NYC – Fort Tryon Park


IMG_5139 (1) Fort Tryon Marker

Battle field marker at Fort Tryon Park

Did you ever have a shirt or dress that fell out of favor, ending up in the back of your closet? Months or years later you find it, pull it on and suddenly it looks differently on you? That’s how I felt about NYC before retiring. I associated trips to NYC with work and travel related stress. Plowing my way through crowds and drug sniffing dogs in La Guardia. Stepping out into the heat wearing a suit. A scary cab ride into downtown. People everywhere. I had many creative excuses for not going to work in NYC. However my beloved niece lives there and I decided to try on NYC again.

One way I did so was to visit Fort Tryon Park. Tawny lives across the street from this park of beautiful views, tree-shaded paths and fragrant gardens. It winds along the Hudson River near Washington Heights and has loads of history. I never knew it was there. We went every morning during my last visit and it was heavenly.

IMG_5129 (1) Tawny Linden Terrace

Plandid overlooking the Hudson River

Walking in the park gave us time to swap our respective Baby Boomer and Millennial wisdom. I knew the names of some of the flowers and she explained the virtue of “plandids.” While not educating her Aunt, she’s a critical thinking writer, speaker and event coordinator who has mastered the art of having fun without alcohol.

IMG_8341 (1) me Tryon

Me looking “natural” in the Heather Gardens of Fort Tryon Park

IMG_5100 (1) Tawny plandid in garden

Tawny making morning walks joyful!

A battle site of the American Revolutionary War at Fort Washington, the land dates back centuries. Originally inhabited by the Chquaesgeck (local Lenape tribe), the land was settled stolen by the Dutch over 300 years ago. In the most recent century, the land was purchased by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to be developed into a park and created many jobs during the Great Depression.

IMG_5125 (1) Tryon arches

The Billings Arcade in Fort Tryon Park

The combination of hard-scaping and natural rock formation is incredible, with bridges, tunnels and terraces throughout. It’s also the home of The Cloisters (next blog post.) Trying on Fort Tryon Park makes NYC fit and feel like a place I want to visit regularly – and write about.



11 thoughts on “Trying On NYC – Fort Tryon Park

  1. You must be getting tired. That is a big park and I was just leaning back to read a great long story. You are such a fluid writer it seems like you can go on forever. You put so much of your heart in them that I love reading your stories and just want more. There are sheltered people like me who don’t get out and go the places that you can find. Keep them coming!!!


    • Wow Marsha! That is the ultimate compliment! However, my aim is to be brief in describing thoughts and moments in hopes of not losing people!! I’ll be posting one or two more blogs on this same trip. Tracey


  2. This looks like a beautiful oasis amid the noise and chaos of the city. It reminds me of a saying I read a few months ago – when you change the way you look at things, things change the way they look.


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