The Art of Trees – Part 1

Tree sign

European Black Pine in Sapporo, Japan


Creative Pension Payment:  More Time to Appreciate Nature


Trees are badass.  They provide shelter and shade for other living things.  They’re beautiful and diverse.  Artists and photographers love trees.  I live in a community where trees are protected and I can see them from every window in my home.  This is a collection of photos of trees that are special to me.  That’s all.

garden stairs IMG_0983

I took this at Shikinomori Park in June.

Mark Vicksburg Tree

Taken on Washington St. in Vicksburg, Ms. by Mark Winslet.  I love this because it reminds me of historic down town, across the from Attic Gallery and Highway 61 Coffee Shop.

Lone Cypress Deb

Deborah Platt snapped this of the Lone Cypress in Monterey, CA last week.

Maple in Japan

I took this in Sapporo this May.











2 thoughts on “The Art of Trees – Part 1

  1. In Japan it’s become popular to go into a forest for a short amount of time to practice “forest bathing” – SHINRIN-KYOKU. They say it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and lower blood glucose levels…I’m so glad I live in this town too – I can just sit out in my backyard to forest bathe

    I like the trees too! Thank you for the photos.

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