Tickled Pink In Retirement

In response to Sunday Stills # Pink color challenge, I took a look at my photos from the first year following retirement. I was surprised at the number of places I’d been in a year and the number of photos that represented those memories in a “pinkish” way.

Canoeing on Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida:

Strolling the beach in Galveston, Texas:

Washington, D.C. for the cherry blossoms:

Some peonies in Yokohama, Japan:

A nice sunset in Monument Valley, Utah:

Another pink sunset in White Sands, New Mexico:

A party favor from a tour at the Art Institute of Chicago:

My sweet Tia (who stayed next door during my travels) posing on my neighbor’s chaise lounge:

And just for fun, a pink meme that was on my cell phone photo roll:

23 thoughts on “Tickled Pink In Retirement

  1. What a fun gallery of pinks, Tracey! Is that you in the pink canoe? Funny meme, that was me the other day…oops! How cool to have seen the cherry blossoms in DC, and monument Valley is on my bucket list! Glad you could share your pink photos with Sunday Stills today!


    • Terri, I’m glad you saw this because WP is not letting me comment on your post (it says I must be logged in, although I clearly am). I enjoyed your photos too and sorry your trip to Beaverton was under sad circumstances. I need to get to Oregon in the spring some time. Yes, that is me in the canoe. It was a very fun day.

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