Mother’s Day Memories of Cheesecake on My Plate

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to share one of my favorite recipes that Mom handed down to me. Even though she is no longer on this earth, I’m surrounded by her beautiful art work and a load of great recipes. Mom was a gourmet, but my favorites from her collection are always the most simple recipes. I’ve never made this cheese cake when it wasn’t just fabulous. It’s so simple!

I’ve used all brands of cream cheese, low fat cream cheese and Neufchâtel Cheese. I’ve tried all brands of sour cream, and low fat sour cream. They all seem to work. However, the best results are achieved by using finely “pre-crumbed” crackers, real butter and not skipping the all spice for the crust. The crust of this cheese cake is the best!

The cheesecake after cooking the cream cheese filling portion and just prior to cooking the sour cream layer:

I often serve the cheese cake with fresh blueberries and/or raspberries. We’ll be serving it up for my brother and his family tomorrow.

Are you cooking anything special for Mother’s Day?

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18 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Memories of Cheesecake on My Plate

  1. What a great memory of your mother! I’m doing nothing special here. Thanks for sharing the cheesecake recipe. I plan to try it sometime. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Tracey!


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  3. Hi, Tracey – Thank you so much for joining us again for What’s On Your Plate. Your mom’s cheesecake sounds DELICIOUS…and has made me very, very hungry! I have linked this post to mine.
    Your post is a wonderful tribute to Mother’s Day!


  4. Sounds yummy – although the vanilla in the US must be very different from the vanilla essence we use here in the UK as I would only add a few drops to this, not 4 teaspoons!

    It’s not Mother’s Day here either, as we celebrate it in Lent. Traditionally here it was the day halfway through Lent when servants were allowed a day off to go and see their mother 🙂


    • Yes, it’s an extract (mine is mixed with bourbon and water) and not the essence. I think even 4 teaspoons of the extracted version is a lot (based on other desert recipes I’ve made) but it never tastes too much like vanilla. I’ve also substituted orange liqueur. I definitely don’t recommend 4 teaspoons of the essence!!


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