Sunday Stills: Spring Green, Begin Again

Spring is my favorite time in Texas. When I took these pictures a year ago, the lock down had just started. So little was known about the risks of COVID-19, the waterway in my town was deserted. A spot usually hopping with out-door dining, concerts, runners, dog walkers and kayakers, was also silent.

I’d always been a big walker, but now walking was the highlight of each day. I got to meet neighbors out in their yards, some for the first time. One of my neighbors, a young artist, began painting and hanging inspirational flags in her front yard. She used a lot of spring green in these pieces, which cheered up the whole neighborhood. You can scroll through her wilderness series for more spring green at Kristine Schneider Art.

My garden was destroyed by the recent freeze, but I found these spring green photos on my iPhone camera roll from last year. Time to begin the garden again.

A recent photo from Galveston thrown in because….green shirt from my last half marathon walk.

Thanks to Terri at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives for the Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge of Spring Green. I needed that!!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Spring Green, Begin Again

  1. Great greens, Tracey! Love that shot of you and your green shirt on the Galveston Beach. I’ve been there! I think it was the time of year when all that green near there did hurt my eyes, LOL! So strange to look back the remember the pandemic shutdowns began this time last year. It was nice to get to know my neighbors too during those early days. thanks for the walk down your memory lane as we all prepare for spring!


  2. Love all those greens and didn’t everything change with COVID. I remember one year ago when lockdown happened swiftly in our state of NSW Australia and everyone (except essential workers) was at home, you could go to the supermarket but nothing else was open. Walking through a centre with no people in it I wondered about how those businesses would ever survive and some did not. Anyway, we are in the midst of flooding and rain here now…we personally are safe but it’s a nightmare for many. Denyse #sundaystills


  3. Love the picture of you! Your mentioning of the walking that started last year got me thinking how I seemingly know every square inch of our condo community by now. Prior to the pandemic, I always got lost on walks, and it all seemed very confusing to me. I am looking forward to returning to our gym in the worst way, but the walks here did at least get me acquainted with neighbors I never knew. 🙂 – Marty


  4. Tracey, you are certainly green. I love the river pictures and am so sorry about your freeze. What a strange event, as if things hadn’t been strange enough already. We are having snow in Prescott, AZ today, though it has slowed to rain now. I love all your choices for green. 🙂


    • Thanks Marsha! Yes, that freeze was really strange. Still odd repercussions from it. Just this morning, we were going to go the local nursery and couldn’t find a place to park. People were actually parking along the highway so that they could get new plants!

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      • That’s how it was in CA when the pandemic started. You had to wait in line to get into the outdoor nursery. We were all working like crazy in our yards. 🙂 In a way we hardly suffered because we had plenty to do outside.


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