White Wedding Anniversary

If you’re not tired of hearing about the Texas Freeze, scroll on. In response to this week’s Sunday’s Stills Challenge, here are a collection of “white” photos from how we spent our first wedding anniversary.

Normally, when it snows in South Central Texas it looks like this little bitty pile on our Sego Palm. I took this photo, as a joke, to document our first snow day as a married couple. Little did I know that this was the first of many snow days to come.

January Snow

By February, the snow looked like this and it didn’t go away for days. Neither did the low water pressure and rolling black outs:

February Snow

However, the beauty and excitement of having really nice powdery snow made not having power or water tolerable (at least for a little while.) This was most likely the first “big snow” for some of the younger deer that hang out in the woods behind our house. It was definitely the first snow – of any kind – for our cat Rocket. He’s plump and furry, not seeming to mind the coldness while our other cat napped by the gas fire inside:

For our anniversary dinner, I was able to scrape together some bolegnese sauce from leftovers by cooking it and the pasta on the gas stove (so thankful for that!). For desert, we enjoyed slices of the bit of wedding cake that had been in the freezer all year. It held up quite well and tasted delicious – not too sweet frosting with raspberry filling (made by my sister-in-law.)

Once the temperatures rose above freezing, we were finally able to get out for some fresh groceries:

23 thoughts on “White Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary and being able to celebrate in the Texas deep freeze, Tracey! I’ve been hearing all about this from my cousins in Centerville and east Texas. Add that to the pandemic and what an adventure! You managed to celebrate your anniversary in style. The snow does look beautiful but what a cost to endure. Glad you are safe!


  2. Happy ANniversary. My daughter and son in law moved from our home state of Washington to Texas last August, the Fort Worth area and man they were not ready for What february brought….along with a brand new baby on the 9th, moving in with brother and sis in law for several days when they lost power. Yikes. And while we get snow here, in our area, rarely does it get in the teens or below freezing. What a journey. Glad you were able to make the best of a not so great situation.


  3. Happy anniversary Tracey! Boy, some wedding cake would have improved my mood when we had no power or water! Your cat looks a little like our Buzz…black and white and plump and furry!


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  5. I am happy to see that you wrote about the Great Freeze and Snowstorms of 2021! And the pictures add to it, but where is the pic of your bolegnese you turned into gourmet from leftovers?


  6. What a wildlife sanctuary you have there! I would love to look out and see that all the time. Just as long as there’s plenty of distance between them and Rocket, all will be good. That cake looks delicious! – Marty


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  9. Happy Belated Anniversary, Tracey –
    I recently realized that I was no longer getting your posts by email, even though I am subscribed to your site. I just unsubscribed and subscribed again. Fingers crossed that this will work!


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