Moving Forward

Plans to move to the Pacific Northwest squashed. Travel and socialization on hold. Definitely haven’t felt like writing. Taking a tip from a fellow blogger, I started looking at photos from last year’s travels. Celebrating 60 and finally embracing my status as a retiree, I was excited about the international travel we booked. But I stopped writing half way through the year. Moving forward, it’s time to write again. I took a writing workshop this week called “Mining Memories” through Thurber House to give myself a “jump” start!

A mob of kangaroos crossing the road in Western Australia.

In October 2019, we went to Western Australia. An inexperienced tourist of that continent, I didn’t realize it was spring there until my husband offered packing tips. I was surprised to see kangaroos and joeys grazing in fields and crossing roads like deer and fawn do in the early fall here in the US.

My memories of Western Australia include an abundance of beach sculptures, beautiful spaces where waters meet, good food and lots of nods to the sport of surfing. We stayed a week, hosted by friends who retired in the beach town of Cottesloe, south of Perth. On our first night, we got to stroll along the beach and catch the first of many wonderful sunsets.

Sculpture “Centrefold” by Mark Grey-Smith, overlooking the Indian Ocean on the beachfront .

The next day we toured the town again at day light. There are sculptures every where. Even the water fountains are elegant works of art.

Cottesloe hosts an annual show Sculpture By The Sea if you’re interested in seeing work in person or checking out more photos on the website.

We saw no bad beaches in Western Australia and have many lovely photographs, but two places really stood out. The first was Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. It was cloudy, but impressive:

The second spot was is in Prevelly where the mouth of the Margaret River meets the Indian Ocean. Here we found lots of surfers and the gorgeous sculpture “Layla” by artist Russell Sheridan.

Layla by Russell Sheridan

I’ll be mining more memories of the winery with a surfing museum, a famous haunted prison, walks in reserves and eating meat pies on the beach. As I learned in my workshop; I don’t need to get it right or do it all right now, I just need to write.

Have you ever been to Western Australia? What memories do you have?

17 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Tracey, this was great to read and I really enjoyed the sculptures! I have never been to Australia and I’m doubtful that I will ever get to go. I just finished reading “In a Sunburned Country” by Bill Bryson, about his various trips to many parts of Australia. What a great read! You’ve probably read it, but if you haven’t, absolutely a must! Stay well!


  2. Tracy
    I have been to Perth it is beautiful however it was for a whirlwind business trip left Friday returned on following Thursday
    I did spend 7 months in Malaysia KL on business it was a beautiful country very diverse was the only tall American in a team of about 50 love ur pics


  3. Tracey, love your writing and enjoy your travel pictures! We are sad you don’t have a foothold in the PNW for selfish reasons but hope you return when travel is safe again!


  4. Love it! Glad you are writing again. And I absolutely second the recommendation for ‘In a Sunburned Country’. I couldn’t get past page 3 or 4 where he described the afternoon of his arrival there because I was laughing so hard I was crying. Strangers on a public NYC bus were asking what I was reading because I was losing it. You’ll love it and you will travel again!


  5. Oh I have very fond memories of WA! We spent 3+ weeks there in 1981 at Christmas time — my brother in law and family lived there for a few years. It was 42 degrees on boxing day — we dove into the pool (everyone has one in their backyard for good reason) and it was so hot that the pool was only cool in the bottom 2′! It was like a bathtub! We also went sailing in the Swan river and turned our catamaran over! The beaches are amazing but that Indian ocean undertow was significant! Loved our time there.


  6. I’ve been to Perth. It’s a beautiful city. My youngest daughter lived there for two years. Visited Rottnest Island and several wineries in the area.


  7. On a walk the other morning, I started thinking about all the countries I’d like to visit before I get too old someday. Australia was first on my list, and a day later I find this wonderful post of yours. How amazing it would be to see kangaroos going across the road like that (I shudder to think how many are hit by cars). So sorry to hear about your canceled move plans. – Marty


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