This One is for You

Featuring Fine Art by Kristine Schneider

Smile, this blog is for you! For those of you missing graduation, prom, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, this piece is for you. Artist Kristine Schneider occasionally preps her canvases in “Burnt Sienna” and works the color back out through her technique. One example of this is the oil on canvas art deco camera called “Lovely Tonight.” It reminds us that even though we are missing some of these events, we can still celebrate them.

For those of you still hunkered down in big cities with tighter quarantine requirements, this thoughtful painting is for you. We know you are there and thinking about you. Kristine painted this piece as part of her “Wilderness Series.” According to Kristine, a highly patterned city scape can provide a false sense of order, yet “peace is often found in the sunlight and hints of clouds reflected in the windows.” Called “Chaos Wilderness,” this one specifically reminds me of my niece Tawny who is a writer quarantined in NYC and sun baths in her window.

For those of you missing your travels, especially us retirees who had big plans, this oil painting captures a moment at Westminster Abbey in London. It is another example of the artists’ fondness for the”Burnt Sienna” color, combined with brighter blue and yellow hues. The original oil and canvas of “Westminster Wondering” is available for purchase.

For those of you who may be a bit starved for nature because your city and state parks are still closed and you don’t have a backyard, this is for you. I wrote about Kristine’s art banners a a couple of weeks ago. Here is her latest one, a beautiful butterfly hanging from the trees in our neighborhood. My Mom painted some gorgeous butterflies and thinking of her makes me smile.

How is art helping you these days? What makes you smile?

Thanks to Kristine for allowing me to share her beautiful work. You can visit or follow her at Kristine Scneider Art, FaceBook or Instagram.

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