Lessons From 6 Feet Away

We live in Texas. A BIG state. It’s not hard to practice social distancing. We are lucky compared to friends and family in New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco. Still, we are under a stay-at-home order. Our challenge is, which home? We are newlyweds. Plans of consolidating homes and moving to a new house are on hold while we assess the impact of the pandemic on the market.

Meanwhile, we have been spending more time together than imagined, prepping for the big “move in.” Watching old movies, going through vinyl and CDs, trying new recipes and playing old board games are how we pass the rest of our time. This game was made in 1997 and despite our age, we do not excel at it. From 6 feet away, we are learning what we do and do not know, in spite of sexist assumptions.

Another thing I’ve learned is that my cats don’t miss me unless I’m actually gone. They just want to sleep or hang out in the garage, because its like a warm little safari out there. Neither of them like being woken up for affection and really don’t like that I have invaded their hiding spots. “Please just go for another walk,” they seem to be saying.

I’m re-learning how wonderful spring in Texas can be. My neighbors are doing yard work and home improvements. From my open car window I learned that one family has adopted a rescue puppy. From 6 feet away we can share a cup of coffee or glass of wine and chat over the fence. I got caught up in a parade of teachers going through the neighborhood. It feels like the 60’s again, which is kind of nice. What are you re-learning about life right now?

16 thoughts on “Lessons From 6 Feet Away

  1. Agree with your statement about the sixties. Have met neighbors who are usually at work or holed up inside- of course from 6 feet away! We have a bear hunt going on in our little town. You put a bear in your front window and the folks drive the kiddos around trying to find them. Facebook helps in telling them where to look, so for now it’s fun to wave at them from the front porch!


  2. We live in a neighborhood that has a lot of retirees so not much has changed here. At least we can have conversations over the fence. I’ve seen some funny memes comparing dogs’ reactions to their people being home (yay!) to cats’ reactions (WTF?). Very true. Lots has changed since we had coffee, huh? Stay safe!


  3. I’m learning to use 2 squares of TP instead of 10. LOL. In all seriousness, I am learning to love being at home. I’ve traveled for work for nearly 20 years and vacations are a big part of my life. I literally have spent more time in hotels then I have my own home! The past 2 weeks of self quarantine have been dreamy 🙂


  4. Loved the update and loved your very thought-provoking question! It is one that has been running through my minds in various ways and has many answers depending on whether I am working remote or in my “off time” but one theme is being in the moment and not multi-tasking constantly to fit more tasks in the day. I had forgotten the pleasure of one thing at a time with breaths in between! L


  5. Congrats on your nuptials! How exciting, and it’s nice to hear about something happy right now.

    We’ve sort of “re-discovered” out condo development because of the gym being closed. We walked around it a bit after we moved here, but then stopped because we went to the gym in the morning, and that was our exercise. But now we’re out every morning doing aerobic walks, and it’s nice to be out in the air around the trees and plants. I still miss the gym, but I’m glad to at least having a nice place to get exercise.

    What was the parade of teachers??? – Marty


    • I hear you! I’m really missing my gym group exercise right now, in spite of enjoying the frequent walks. The locals teachers got together and drove through the neighborhoods where they had students. They must have organized it through social media, as all the children were in front of their houses waiting when all the teachers drove by.

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