Disrupting the Darkness


This is me, enjoying my sun-room and dreading the end of day light savings. Wearing my brightest colored outfit, in denial,  and shifting through conflicting feelings. I love the fall and I hate the fall. I love the cooling temperatures and the approaching holiday season. I hate the “falling back an hour” and losing the early evening day light.

For years this has been a rough patch. Usually starting in September, I would anticipate the loss of daylight with anxiety. As a military brat that frequently moved, I often started a new school in the fall. However, the dread has continued well into adulthood. Maybe its a mild form of seasonal affective disorder. As I research this on the web, I change my mind. I don’t normally suffer from depression, but the adjustment to darkness is foreboding. What’s different now, after a full year of retirement, is that I no longer have the demands on me that put me home well after dark in the first place. Now I come and go all day long, and I love being outside. And even though I’m a morning person, I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate my leaf blowing at 6;30am instead of 6:30pm. What does an “out-doorsy” person do for hours in the dark when not sleeping?

I’m thinking of ways to disrupt the darkness this fall and I want to know what others do. I’ll be returning from a week + in Molokai the day of the time change. I’ll be managing that AND the jet lag associated with a 5 hour time difference (sorry, these are the privileged problems of which I write some times.) How can I maximize my day light hours and avoid boredom in the evenings? Here are a few things I’ve brainstormed so far:

  • Read the book “Bored but Brilliant” by writer, podcaster and TED Talker Manoush Zomorodi (recommended by fellow blogger Nia at Reflections and Life Lessons),
  • Maximize your daylight hours by doing what you love outdoors – running, walking, garden maintenance, kayaking while its light outside and don’t waste day light hours with social media, Netflix, blogging,  etc.,
  • Shower, shave wash your hair in the evenings before bed,
  • Keeps things cheery by wearing bright colors, buying fresh flowers and burning candles with fresh scents,
  • Run some of your errands in the evening when it doesn’t matter whether its dark, such as mall or grocery shopping, filling the car up with gas,
  • Plan things in the evenings that will also keep you active. Some things close to me include Top Golf, bowling, and yoga,
  • Try some new recipes, bake from scratch and let the oven warm up your house,
  • Make sure all your battery operated home equipment has fresh batteries, reverse your ceiling fans, flip your mattress, and get out that owner’s manual to figure out how to change the time in your car,
  • Start planning your spring vacation (s),
  • Clean out the garage, now that it’s not incredibly hot, and
  • Write your congress representative protesting the ridiculous time change!

What do you do? Especially those of you who are retired and living the good life – how do you live it after dark?

IMG_6461 (1) day light savings meme




16 thoughts on “Disrupting the Darkness

  1. Tracy, dont let this bug you so much. The real time is the best time! I wish those idiots in Congress would abandon daylight savings time. And the fall and winter aren’t so bad. It’s always good when spring comes but remember that even down here in Texas the plants need some rest.


  2. I love daylight savings time too! Fortunately, now that we are retired, we can better adjust our schedules when the time changes. As I have gotten older, my eyes don’t work as well when I’m driving in the dark so I really hate getting on the road after sundown. There is a proposition on the ballot in our state which “advises” our state government to advocate for year-round DST. We’ll see…


  3. In Colorado we have darkness and cold! With a big yard I appreciate the break from working and tending to it and look forward to more time reading and picking up my yarn and needles.


    • I need to hone in on some indoor hobbies. Even for water color painting, I use lack of light as a excuse. It seems my friends in the snowy parts have this indoors business sorted out.


  4. I can’t say the shorter hours of sunlight have that much of an effect on me but it is an annoyance when it’s combined with the cold. The cold would be easier to manage if we had more daylight and vice versa – the long hours of darkness would be easier to manage if it was warmer outside!!


  5. I’m with you about the fall. I’ve always enjoyed and relished spring for all of its optimism and entree into summer. Fall to me was always school and the foreboding warnings of winter’s mayhem. But I am decidedly a morning person. 😉 – Marty


  6. If you are interested, my secret super power is suggesting books to readers. I actually get paid for it, and I do a good job (the professional term in public libraries is Reader Advisory). I dont love the time change but as a pretty serious introvert. I do love curling up in bed with a book. It’s a great way to pass the long winter nights!


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