Pottery on Orcas Island



IMG_5582 (1) berry bowls

I took one of these home.

I missed a prime whale photo op because I was looking at pottery. Berry bowls. I was taking pictures of berry bowls while Mark was watching a whale off Orcas Island, WA. When I planned my trip to Orcas Island, I dreamed of daily trail hikes to the beach and ocean kayaking amongst the whales. It was quite cool and windy = cold as heck, plus the whales aren’t too happy with humans right now. We decided to go look at pottery one day instead.

I was so impressed with Orcas Island Pottery, I went a second time during our 4 day visit. Their web site describes the location as magical, which is not exaggerated. The grounds are beautifully filled with gardens, small cabins, wonderful views and a large tree house. Then there is the pottery. When I think of pottery, I usually think of mud and other earth toned work. This pottery is purple, magenta, blue, bright green and yellow. Stunningly integrated into the landscape surrounding the studio, as well as simply placed on picnic tables and a “sale boat” (behind the berry bowls.)

There were pieces to decorate with and pieces of utility. Coffee cups, compost jars, dinner ware, serving pieces, tea pots, watering “cans,” garden whimsy, vases, planters, soap dishes and “sponge holders.” A piece of “pottery art” for everyone.

IMG_5596 (1) pottery garden

Pieces displayed on wooden planks along the garden.

Some of the pottery was displayed in an assortment of cabin showrooms, but most of it was outside where its iridescent colors were easy to capture. I wanted to buy everything, but decided something with purple, blue and magenta would stand out most in my home. I looked at the vase below many, many times.

IMG_5632 (1) purple vase version 2

Large vase in the garden.

IMG_5598 (1) blue bowls and driftwood

Decorative pieces strategically placed on driftwood.

IMG_5597 (1) pottery shed

This cabin contained coffee mugs, but I thought it was prettier outside.

IMG_5593 (1) blue pottery tree house

Dinner wear in front of the tree house.

IMG_5637 (1) whale viewing point

By the time I got to the viewing point, the whale was gone.

Orcas Island Pottery opened in 1945 and is now owned and operated by the grand-daughter of the original owner. The pottery is thrown by a team of potters and a few featured artists. Although they have a web-site, they do business the old fashion way – in person or by phone. I highly recommend the “in person” mode. Orcas Island Pottery is open year round. Even though I missed the whales, I bought the most amazing berry bowl.

IMG_5778 (1) berry bowl

My berry bowl back home next to a Brianna Deterling planter.

21 thoughts on “Pottery on Orcas Island

  1. Wow! Beautiful pottery. I love those colours, and actually own some with similar glazes. Never heard of a berry bowl. Handy to have the holes in the bottom to wash and strain the berries. Thanks for sharing, Tracey!



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