Drop By Drop

IMG_5366 (1) drop by drop

1-1/2 inches of water and climbing

Leadership Coach and Writer Tania Carierre challenged me with an exercise to answer the question: ” I know my day is one of meaning if I have had moments of ….”

If you know me well or have been following me, you know I have had moments of frustration, such as The Hole View.

As another week goes by with my window still broken and an abundance of rain, I’ve watched – drop by drop – how the gap between the broken and intact panes has filled with water. I actually tossed and turned the other night because I could not figure out how to extract performance from the contractor who repeatedly promises to come replace the window unit that he originally furnished. My written “demand for performance” came back undelivered. I called the owner on his personal cell phone. Another promise to schedule the fix goes un-fulfilled. It made me so angry. Why won’t people do right?!

The next day I remembered the challenge and started making note of the things that resulted in a meaningful day. Obviously, getting things done, being able to scratch across that pad rank high for me. But what else? One of my favorite things is listening to NPR. Yesterday I listened to a story about saffron grown in Afghanistan. During this show I learned of the Afghan Proverb “Drop by drop a river is formed.” This sent me onward into another rabbit hole of research. However, I didn’t feel like I was wasting time. I felt like I was learning. A day is one of meaning for me if I have moments of learning. How about you? What makes your day?


16 thoughts on “Drop By Drop

  1. I can’t believe that you are still waiting for your window to be fixed. It sounds like it’s time for small claims court or at least a threat of a social media slam. Wow! You are incredibly patient (although you are getting some nice pictures out of it 🙃). I love the idea of a “meaningful day”. It’s kind of like daily gratitude, but with a little more intention. I also love listening to NPR and I always learn something new from their stories. Good luck getting your window fixed – I hope your next post is one of success!


    • Thank you! I’m actually not that patient, but I had used them before and they did a good job. Something has changed with them. Since it’s not a warranty matter and I made no deposit, there is really nothing to file a claim about. Thought I might send a letter to the BBB, though. I don’t know what I would do without NRP!!

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  2. I agree with you – if a day resulted in learning something new, then I agree that it is a wonderful meaningful day.

    I think it’s time to give up on that Glass Contractor and find another. You do not have to give that contractor your business. They obviously do not want your business.


  3. Tonight at dinner we were having a conversation about reputation. It’s my belief that when we allow our reputation to get compromised, life gets rocky. Why do businesses – contractors included – not understand that? Even my sons grasped that concept when they were still very young.
    If there is an issue preventing the contractor from honouring his word, a simple conversation with you explaining the issue can go a long way to working out a solution. I hope this gets resolved soon. Water in my window would make me a bit insane too 😕

    You’ve posed an interesting question about how to define a day with meaning. I like your focus on learning. I would agree that would definitely be high on my list.


    • Many conversations and many fine excuses. In the end, its not my business – its theirs and they are not reliable or truthful. I agree, I don’t get it. Maybe they are headed out of business….

      Here’s to a day of learning!

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  4. How frustrating! You’ve been waiting on that window for so long. What makes my day is completing 50-75% of my to do list. I no longer beat myself up for not finishing the whole thing. I’ve learned that unrealistic expectations and unnecessary pressure only hurt me. Great post!


  5. Well written blog post Tracey, congrats!What makes a day meaningful for me is personal connection, whether it’s reaching out via an electronic platform, walking with a friend, or sharing a concert experience with a thousand strangers. The more focus I place on connecting, the better life seems . Grateful for our connection! Lori


    • Thanks Lori! Those are all meaningful things for me, as well. Staying connected with people is especially important when you have retired. I know a lot of Lori’s, can you give me a hint? 🙂


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