The Art of Trees – Painting on the Go




One of my readers challenged me to do a travel blog.  When I travel, I prefer to enjoy the experiences and not be considering how I will write about it.  Integrating a travel blog with my love of art and trees was the solution.

painting in Joshua TreeI took a 2 week vacation over the holidays, starting in the Coachella Valley of California.  One day I went out to Joshua Tree National Park with two of my friends, one a painter, the other a photographer.  Here the painters are with a bunch of Joshua Trees (Yucca.)  These are the same trees in the mosaic above; the first, my photograph, the second my attempt at speed painting in water-color in the desert.  Since I’m a beginner, I’m pretty proud of it.  Although someone did asked me when I was going to finish it…..

Another day we went to Sunnylands in Palm Springs.  With the beautiful blue skies, it was hard not to get good photographs with reflections.  Here is my favorite  from the grounds of the Annenberg estate.  I took this with an iPhone 7!  More art of trees in the near future. Happy Sunday!

sunnylands tree



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