The Art of Trees – Part 2

As I mentioned before, I love trees.  I didn’t really know this about my self until after I retired, had more time to look around, and noticed the theme of art and photography in my home.  I’m not sure how or why it started, but…trees. Here are some of my favorite artistic images of trees.

Joichi Hoshi (1911-1979) was a Japanese wood block print artist.  I learned about him from my Mom.  She gave me a couple of his pieces as gifts and had a few in her own collection.  This particular print was produced and purchased in 1973 when we were living in Japan.Hoshi green








Below is one of my Mom’s favorite paintings.  It was painted in 1990 by Armin  Mersmann who my Mom was associated with during her 30 years as an artist in Michigan.  I remember appreciating this painting all of my adult life as we ate meals in my parent’s formal dining room.  It was like there was another window in that room, huge and amazing!Armin's Tree

Judy Mackey Tree


If you follow me on WordPress or Facebook, you know that I have known Judy Mackey for a long time and am a collector of her paintings.  To the left is her painting of birch trees,  “Quiet Times,” painted in 2009.


randy z tree

To the right is a painting that showed up in my Facebook news feed one day.  I didn’t know the artist, but noticed it looked similar to an old painting my Mom had done.  As it turned out, the artist Randy Zielinski is the son of a friend of a friend, so I ordered it from him and it now hangs in my house.

Finally, to celebrate the first day of fall, here is the one by my Mom.  I don’t have the original, but found a small reproduction.  I think the colors are great!Mom's trees









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