Watercolor Lessons

Artistic Pension Payment:  Realizing the Capacity to be Creative

My Mother was an excellent artist.  She was also a stunningly beautiful model, gourmet cook/entertainer, and excelled at gardening and interior decorating.  The perfect 70’s Mom.  Her clients, art students and friends asked if I shared my Mother’s artistic abilities. Uh, hell no!  A daughter’s perception of her own Mother’s perfection.

model mom

Model Mom Head Shot


Glam Mom Entertaining

IMG_8470 (1) flower poppyI followed in my Father’s footsteps, a career supply chain manager and giver of unsolicited financial advice.  I was a tom-boy who liked being outside swimming, playing tennis or  riding dirt bikes with my brother.  I rarely watched my Mother paint.  Writing this makes me a bit sad.  I didn’t see the point in spending time doing something I would never be good at.  I felt inferior to my Mother, who would often remind me to comb my hair and suggest wearing lipstick. Later in life I learned she also had insecurities and she became my best friend (but that’s another deep thoughts kind of blog.)

70s mom

Curly Hair – Not My Idea

Last year I started going through Mom’s art and was inspired.  I created a Facebook page for it and reported to her all of the “likes” and positive comments.  In a small way, it allowed her to relive her glory days.  Months after she died,  I really starting digging through her portfolios.  I found unfinished work and I thought, “what if I could finish this?”  I decided to take water-color lessons in that moment.

I had never picked up a brush, unless it had house paint on it!  Through a mutual friend, I met my art teacher Vernita Bridges Hoyt.  Though I’m just getting started, I realize water-color is a good medium for me.  Water is clean, like a fresh start that can wash away negative thoughts (“I can’t paint”).  The colors can be mixed to create anything you want.  The method allows for little imperfections or to correct them, as you wish.

I’m not proud of my art work yet, but I’m writing to let you know it’s never too late to learn something new or to be creative when you’ve spent your whole life thinking you aren’t.   I think Mom would be proud, even though I didn’t comb my hair or put on lipstick for this picture.  This is my first completed water-color.  It’s somewhat recognizable.  I think I need a few drawing lessons next.

me with sunflowerIMG_1165

Look Mom!

14 thoughts on “Watercolor Lessons

  1. Your mom would be SO proud! I love your work that you have shared and I have always known you have an artistic side even if you hadn’t discovered it yet! Can’t wait to see where your classes lead you and I encourage you to grow your mom’s unfinished pieces with your touches! Love you so!


  2. I am excited you finally have the time to tap into your artistic side. You have always had a good eye for choosing pieces for your home. I hope to see more of your creations in the future.


  3. What’s exciting about this story is your decision to dive in and try something new and challenging. Your own style will develop and how you express it with your mom’s unfinished work will be a melding of your two unique styles.
    The way I see it, your biggest hurdle will be overcoming your own inner critic 🙂


  4. Tracey:
    You don’t need gloss or combed to hair to look beautiful. Your smile says it all. And, your Mom’s painting is stunning. Good luck with your creative endeavors.


  5. Tracey, your blog about cooking was hilarious! I loved it! This blog is sweet and nostalgic. I love it too. My friend, Tracey, is excellent at so many different things…


  6. Well young lady, it’s about time! From time of our youth in Japan, even then you had artistic skills. Your mother was a fantastic woman and I enjoyed the few conversations I had with her. You always had, and still do, have that sparkle in your smile and personality that can easily disarm any type of beast. You’re off on a fantastic journey and I’m looking forward to the ride with you.


  7. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks so much for mentioning me as your teacher for the watercolor lessons! You’re a very good student, willing and anxious to learn, and you are learning quickly. I think you have found an interest that will serve you well all through your life to come.


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