Deer Distractions

My husband and I live on a 2 acre wooded lot that backs up to a large section of undeveloped land. When we moved in last summer, we heard a lot of wild life stories from our neighbor. He boasted of raccoons lounging in his pool, possums nesting in the hole of one our trees, and deer giving birth in our very yard. Some of the stories were so comical, I thought he was kidding.

Then one day about six weeks ago, I was looking out our bedroom window and watched a doe give birth to twin fawns right before my eyes. I’ve been wondering what to do with some of these photos, so I’m sharing them now via Terri at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives photo challenge on “The Great Outdoors.”

First born fawn:

Second born fawn:

Both on their feet in a matter of minutes:

A quick rest before heading into the woods for protection from an incoming storm:

Mom got the fawns out of the yard just in time. They were laying in the path of a run off which remained wet for days. We didn’t see them again for a while. Then a couple weeks ago, we started seeing the twins and at least 2 others (one older and one younger) throughout the yard.

The little one below was found just under our fence near the road. I didn’t think it was the best place. After posing for a few shots, it got up and moved to the side of our house where it waited for its mom:

This older, more independent fawn worked its way around our yard looking for the perfect spot to wait for mom:

I suspect the mom placed this little one on our front porch. It’s not exactly low traffic or natural habitat, but the camouflage was very good. It was waiting on us when we returned from our morning walk and we didn’t notice it until we were up close:

I remain distracted by and in awe of these beautiful creatures as they raise their young within eyesight. It looks like we will get to enjoy them for another month through birthing season. It appears some of them will continue to return like they own the place…..these young bucks for instance. Perhaps they were born here! Ahh, the great outdoors:

25 thoughts on “Deer Distractions

  1. This is amazing, Tracey and warms my heart at our gorgeous Mother Nature! How fortunate to witness this birth and see the sweet deer being born in your own yard. This is as exciting as my eagle story I shared on Friday. Thanks for sharing and Happy Independence Day!


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  4. It’s awe-inspiring! Almost makes me envy living in the city. The fact that deers casually stroll through your yard due to closeness to wilderness is fascinating! Thank you for sharing with us something so touching and beautiful.

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