The Sun Rises and Sets in Tanzania

Our earlier blogs on Tanzania focused on cats and ungulates. Not a sunrise or sunset made the cut. Here’s their chance thanks to Terri’s most recent photo challenge at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives.

Above, the sun rises at our lodge in Arusha National Park, with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

Below, our two favorite sunsets, both in Serengeti National Park.

We travelled to Tanzania in 2019 with Duma Explorer. If you are ready to travel, they are open for business. We highly recommend them.

26 thoughts on “The Sun Rises and Sets in Tanzania

  1. Your photos brought back such wonderful memories of that amazing trip!! Thanks for the memory jog. Our best to both of you.


  2. I love your Serengeti sunsets, especially the last one – that tree against the deep blues 😀 Coincidentally I am just drafting a bog about our 1999 visit to Tanzania, for Sandy’s Flashback challenge!

    Good luck for your move to WA. We loved the state when we road tripped there a few years ago 🙂


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