Modernism Week – No Sitting On The Bed

Daylight Savings began this morning. I stayed up past my bedtime and woke up too early. Now I’m stupefied. Here is another good reason for procrastinating on my writing goals. Several interviews done and zero drafts completed this year. I must remind myself of how and why I  write.  There is no deadline and I’m not getting paid. This blog is about my crazy retirement adventures, not just promoting art. In honor of that philosophy and not getting enough sleep, take a look at these fantastic “keep you up all night” bedrooms from Modernism Week in the Palm Springs area last month.

The first few photos are from a tour of homes in Tamarisk West, Rancho Mirage, CA. Tamarisk West is a mid-century modern residential community designed by architect S. Charles Lee and built in the mid 1960’s.

This teal blue and gold bedroom is one of my favorites. The owner, also named Tracey, was so gracious welcoming us to the community and sharing her home. I’d be able to sleep in a bedroom like this, as long as I didn’t have to pee in the middle of the night. The bed is so low to the ground, the engagement of my quads would wake me right up.

IMG_7942 (1) Blue Bedroom

Everything in the following house was visually stunning. Designer/owner Jaeger Stoltz used a lot of color and pattern, which I love, but he also used a lot of glass and leucite. It was kind of hard to tell where the night stand ended and the bed began. I imagined myself on the floor or being sucked into the vortex of palms. Seriously, a gorgeous home, but I can’t sleep here.

IMG_7953 (1) Black Gold and Yellow bedroom

Speaking of palms, I think my grandmother slept here. Shades of pink and green, and very vintage. It was a nice recreation of the mid-century vibe, except for the “twin” king beds. It also had a lovely garden view. I think I could sleep here.

IMG_7950 (1) pink and green close up

20190217_palm_springs_0252 (1) Pink and Green bedroom

Leaving Tamarisk West, we toured several properties in Palm Desert. The crowds were pretty thick at this point, making it hard to get photos without people in the shot. This bedroom got my attention for a few reasons. The Rothko orange and yellow 1956 painting (reproduction?) reminded me of the sun shinning through a bedroom window. I wanted to check for authenticity, but didn’t want to get caught touching the art work. I think I might lay awake under a painting like this. Or maybe, I would lay there wondering what happened to the other lamp, or why the throw pillows aren’t perfectly fluffed centered. I later realized that messy pillows was the home stager’s “shtick.” Every bedroom had carefully mussed up pillows. I don’t think I could sleep here, but I do like the colors.

IMG_7991 (1) orange rothko bedroom

Lastly, we visited Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palm’s Estate. Sticking with the palm theme, I selected this guest room as my favorite from that tour. It was cozy and done in peaceful greens. I think I could sleep here, but apparently one is not allowed to even sit on the bed!

IMG_8037 (1) Sinatra guest room

Thanks for joining me. I’ll get back to serious writing another morning. Now, I need a nap.

20190217_palm_springs_0237 (1) Tamarisk and me

16 thoughts on “Modernism Week – No Sitting On The Bed

  1. Love mid-century modern but these beds are way out there…That last one reminded me of Children of the Corn…And some of the platforms stick out too much – I know I’d hit my shin on those. Still – these rooms have that certain charm that embraces an era. Love them…


  2. Interesting that back then beds close to the floor were the bomb, and now you need a step stool to get to some beds. I guess soon we’ll be back to low beds again. After all, wallpaper is making a comeback, finally!
    Lovely post and pictures, Tracey!



  3. I really enjoyed the photos, thanks for the tour! While I appreciate the creativity and boldness of the rooms, I couldn’t sleep in any of them, especially the Jaeger Stoltz room. All that pattern wouldn’t be conducive to rest. It’s too stimulating for me.


  4. My wife and I are decorating our home. Well, correction: She’s decorating our home, and I’m along for the ride. But nonetheless it’s fun, and I enjoyed your pictures. I’m going to share this post with her. 🙂 – Marty


  5. Tracey, I enjoyed this ‘fun side’ of you. I too wondered about the missing lamp. The palm tree wall paper is a bit much, but looks pretty in the picture. None of the beds look inviting enough to compel me to want to sleep there. I prefer comfort to style.


    • Modernism Week was really worth it. If you haven’t been before, plan ahead to jump on the ticket website as soon as they open in the Fall. Some things sell out fast. It was very fun and organized. We arrived the day following the record rain fall but everything went as planned. And yes, those pillows!!!


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